After decades of neglect, it's time to make key investments in our roads and water systems and into our pools and our playgrounds, so that our children have a place to play now, and a livable city to call home in the future.


Financial Sustainability

We've seen a renewed interest in Troy and in the creative economy that's been fostered here. We need to harness that interest to ensure that the prosperity we're beginning to see downtown is shared throughout our city. While on the City Council I've worked with the City's Administration, the Council Majority, and community members to pass the first on-time budget in three years, ensuring there were no reductions to city services in doing so. As City Council President I will continue the work started in my first term to set Troy on the path to financial wellbeing. 


Quality of Life

My vision of Troy's future puts neighbors first by focusing on the city services that impact our daily lives. We need to ensure our streets and sidewalks are clean, cleared, and accessible. Trojans should be able to work successfully with our city code, public works, and public utilities departments to realize the pride they already have in their neighborhoods through the implementation of new reporting systems.

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Social Equity and Housing

I'm working with community members and neighborhood groups to ensure that Troy remains an affordable place to live, that we prioritize families when we think about what development should look like, and that large businesses pay their fair share the same way the rest of us do.